Go to the Orders page. Look at the Icons column. In there you will find 3 unique icons.

They are Assign a Note (the speech bubble icon), Assign a Team Member (the face icon), and View Shipments (the truck icon). For this tutorial, we are going to be looking at the View Shipments icon.

The View Shipments icon is the 3rd in line and is in the shape of a van. It comes in two colours, grey and green. It will be grey if there is no shipping information saved and green if at least one shipment has been attempted (if an order was shipped, but then manually changed back to New, it will retain the green van icon).

If you click on the green van, a new pop-up will appear.
If the shipment has been made using Multiorders you will see detailed information, like order ship date and carrier information, as well as a Print Label button so that you could re-print old labels.

If the shipment has been made using the marketplace from which the order originally came, it will display no shipment history information.

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