Go to the Orders page. Look at the Icons column. In there you will find 3 unique icons.

They are Assign a Note (the speech bubble icon), Assign a Team Member (the face icon), and View Shipments (the truck icon). For this tutorial, we are going to be looking at Assign a Note icon.

The Assign a Note icon is first in line and will appear in either grey or yellow colour. If the note is grey then it means there are no notes and if it's yellow it means that either the order came in with a note from the customer or one of the team members left one.

Clicking on the note icon will bring up a new pop-up window. From there you will be able to see previously left notes (if there are any) and leave your own by typing in text and pressing Add Note.

You will see that the notes left by the staff will carry their name and date of entry (the order notes are visible to all staff members with access to Orders)

Please Note:

The notes can also be seen and entered from inside the Order. Click on the order and scroll down until you can see the bottom of the middle column.

In there you will find that the customer notes come in a green colour and notes left by staff are marked in yellow.

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