Learn how to use automation tool to expedite your order fulfilment

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Multiorders Automation helps you to automate your day-to-day manual order fulfillment tasks allowing you to save time that can be spent on growing your business.

Currently, there are 4 automation actions available:

  1. Shipping automation - allows to have carrier, service, and packaging selected automatically for incoming orders

  2. Order tagging automation - allows automatic order tagging on incoming orders

  3. Automatic user assignment - allows automatic user assignment to incoming orders

  4. Automatic note adding - allows adding note automatically to incoming orders

How to create an automation rule

  1. Go to Tools - Automation and click on the Create Automation button.

  2. A new window will pop up where you can start creating your automation rule. Start by giving your rule a name and if needed describe it in detail:

  3. The trigger (Starts When) which initiates the automation will be automatically selected as Order Created as this option is the only one we offer at the moment.

  4. Click on Add Condition. This will open up the selection on the right side. Let's choose our first condition which is Shipping Country and type in the United Kingdom. Click on Done for the condition to be added to the rule:

  5. If you want to add another condition, click on Add Condition button:

  6. Another If section will appear with an option to Add Condition. Let's click on it and select the condition from the right side - this time let's select order Payment Status to be Paid:

  7. Once we are done adding conditions, we can move to Actions. If we want the action to be applied on the orders which DO meet our conditions Shipping Country is the United Kingdom and if Payment Status is paid, we have to click on Add Action which goes under the YES line:

  8. If we want the action to be applied on the orders which DON'T meet our conditions - their Shipping Country is not the United Kingdom and Payment Status is not paid, we have to click on Add Action which goes under the NO line:

  9. When you will click on Add Action, a table with selection will appear on the right side:

    Here is a review of the actions that you can select:

    - Action 1: Note - automatically add a note to an order
    - Action 2: Prepare - automatically select the shipping carrier, service, EORI number if you have one and the package preset

    - Action 3: Tag - automatically tag an order by choosing the tag from your tags list.

    - Action 4: User - automatically assign a team member to an order

    NOTE: You can only add 1 action out of 4 available per one automation rule. For another action to be applied you have to start from scratch and create a new automation rule.

    If you would like to use Prepare action please read the Shipping Automation article from step 8 where we will explain in detail the further steps of using this action.

    If you would like to add a Note, just type in the note and click on Done.

    If you would like to add Tag, select the tag from the list and click on Done. Read this article if you need to create a new tag first.

    If you would like to assign a team member, select the one you need from a dropdown and click on Done. If you need to add a new user to your account, read this article.

  10. After you selected Note, User, or Tag action, it will appear under Then window. Click on Save to finish creating the automation rule.

That's it - our automation rule has been created and we can find it in the Automation tool main screen. From here we can edit, delete the rule or make it not active by removing the checkmark from the Active column:

To test if the rule is working, we recommend creating an order by yourself instead of waiting for an actual order to come in.

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