How to Tag Orders

Learn how to organise your orders using tags

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How to create a tag from the Orders page

  1. Go to the Orders page and mark any order:

  2. Press on the Tag button and scroll down to the bottom where you will see Add Tag button. Click on it to create a new tag:

  3. A popup will appear where you have to give your tag a name, choose its color, and click on Save:

That's it! Your tag has been created and you can find it when clicking on the Tag button in the Orders tab:

How to create, edit and delete a tag from the Inventory Settings

Go to Settings - Inventory, and scroll to the bottom until you see Tags.

Here you can see all of your tags, Edit them, Add New or Delete them entirely.

How to add a tag to an order

  1. Go to the Orders page and mark orders you want to tag:

  2. Press on the Tag button and from the dropdown select the tag you want to apply. Let's choose Replace:

That's it - your tag has been added to your selected orders and you can find it in your orders table:

NOTE: You can add as many tags as you have saved but keep in mind that this will expand your individual order lines to accommodate all of the tags.

How to remove the tag from an order

To remove tags one by one you can simply click on an X sign next to every tag:

To remove tags in bulk, mark the orders from which you want the tags removed, click on the Tag button, and uncheck your previous selection:

How to tag incoming orders automatically

Read Automation article for applying tags automatically for incoming orders.

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