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How to organize products with tags
How to organize products with tags

Learn how to organize your inventory items by creating and adding tags

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In addition to organizing your products with Categories, you can also use tags to group and later filter your products in the way you want.

Your account comes with a set of default tags, but you can create more of them.

NOTE: You can add only one tag per inventory item unless it's a merged or bundled inventory item.

How to create a tag from the Inventory page

  1. Go to Inventory, checkmark any product, and click on Tag. In a dropdown click on Add Tag:

  2. Give your tag a name, select what colour it will be and click on Save:

That's it! Your tag has been created and you can find it when clicking on the Tag button in the Inventory tab:

How to create, edit and delete a tag from the Account Settings

Go to Settings - Account, and scroll to the bottom until you see Tags.

Here you can see all of your tags, Edit them, Add New or Delete them entirely.

How to add a tag to an inventory item

  1. Go to the Inventory page. To the left side of the listed inventory, you will see empty checkboxes:

  2. Select the products you wish to tag by check-marking them and click on Tag. You will see a list of tags in the dropdown thus select the one you need:

In this case, ASAP was selected and applied to all of the currently selected Inventory Items. After the tag is applied, the tag icon will appear under the TAG column

You can also add tags from inside the Inventory item. Open any product and on the top right you will see a grey button Tag. Press on it and choose your tag.:

How to remove the tag from an inventory item

To remove tags one by one you can simply click on an X sign next to every tag:

To remove tags in bulk, mark the products from which you want the tags removed, click on the Tag button, and uncheck your previous selection:

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