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How to organize products with categories
How to organize products with categories

Learn how to organize your inventory items by creating product categories

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What are product categories?

Product Categories are used to better organize your products within Multiorders. They are meant to easily select products for viewing, editing, and managing inventory.

Categories can be assigned to each product either directly in Multiorders or in bulk through a CSV Spreadsheet.

Create a category from the Inventory tab

  1. Go to Inventory and open any product

  2. Click on Category - Add Category:

  3. A popup will appear where you have to name your category, write its description if needed, and click on Save:

That's it! Your category has been created.

Create, edit and delete a category from Company Settings

Category can also be added, deleted, and edited from the Settings - Company. When you get there, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you will find Inventory Categories.

Click on Add Category button to create a new category and go through the process described in the previous paragraph from step 2:

To edit or delete a category, use the Edit button and delete icon below:

How to add a category individually

After creating a category you can add it to your products individually.

  1. Go to Inventory, open any product

  2. Click on the Category and you will see a new category that you just created.

  3. Simply click on it to add it:

How to add a category in bulk

Follow this article to update Category field in bulk on the CSV Spreadsheet

How to filter products using Category

With the Category added you can now filter your products by it.

  1. Go to Inventory, click on Filter, and select Category:

2. Choose the category needed and click on Add:

You should now see your filtered results by the category:

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