If you haven't yet done this, please take your time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules and notes on how the .csv works here.

Basic Order Export use:

Order Export allows you to get all of your orders into a single .csv file for data storage or further use in other apps. The number of orders you export can be narrowed down using a combination of various filters, allowing you to export the exact data needed.

How to do simple Order Export:

For example, if you wish to export absolutely every order on the system, you must first go into the Order Page, All Tab

then press Export,

keep the export template as Standard and select Export All.

If you are in the New, Shipped, or Canceled tabs and press Export All, you will get all orders contained under that status.

How to do filtered Order Export:

The same rules apply if you want to Export Filtered data.

For example, if you want to export all order data of a particular marketplace. You first need to go into the Order Page, All Tab

then apply a filter for the desired marketplace

and then press Export Filtered.

If you just want your New orders for that marketplace, simply stay in the Order Page, New Tab, and press Export Filtered.

How to do single Order Export:

To export a single order, follow the steps from the two previous options, just at the time of export simply choose Export Selected.

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