Please be aware:

The Multiorders shipping automation is available for these carriers:
USPS, FedEx, UPS, Parcelforce, DHL Express, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, DPD, DPD Local, Deutsche Post, Canada Post.

These carriers are not yet supported:

My Hermes, Parcel2Go, Royal Mail Click & Drop, Royal Mail PPI.

Multiorders Shipping Automation:

The purpose of this feature is to allow you to set-up specific rules and presets which multiorders could apply automatically as soon as a new order is imported. This would eliminate the process of manually selecting carriers and shipping services, drastically speeding up the shipping process.

How to use Shipping Automation in Multiorders:

Before you begin setting up shipping automation you should already be familiar with how the automation tool works, if you haven't already, please read the detailed guide here.

Creating the automation:

The process of setting up automation rules for shipping is the same as with tag's or anything else. Go to Tools -> Automation,

Click Create Automation. In the new window give your automation a name.

Select your Trigger, then Rules.

Finally you can press "+ Add action" and choose "Prepare" from the side menu

In here you will be able to create your shipping presets for the rules you select earlier.

Select your carrier.

Then shipping service.

From here you can also choose your EORI code if you have one set-up or just skip it entirely.

And finally one of the package presets from your shipping settings and press done.

Because the this automation can only run on New Orders a filer for them will be added automatically. In our case we already had it so there was nothing else added.

Now simply press Save and the automation will save. Instead of waiting for an order to sync in to test your new automation set-up, we recommend that you create a Local order to test this.

Using the new order status tab:

If you haven't done so already, please create at least one Local order that would trigger you shipping automation preset. As soon as that order is created and the automation takes action, you will notice that a your order is no longer in the New tab, but in different one called "Prepared", this tab remains hidden unless there are orders with shipping automation applied to them.

Inside the Prepared tab you will be able to see what kind of automation has been applied to your orders. Like carrier, shipping service, package weight and dimensions.

As well as a new bar with additional buttons to complete the shipping process.

Complete All: will begin creating shipping labels for all the orders in the Prepared tab. You can also select just a couple of orders individually and press Complete Selected.

If you feel like you need to make adjustments to some of the orders in the prepared tab, you can click on the carrier or shipping service options to bring up a pop-up menu that allows you to change those details. You can also select multiple items and press Change Shipping Options button to apply changes in bulk.

The newly opened window will allow to make any carrier changes:

Automatic Document Printing:

With Shipping Automation comes a new feature for automated document printing

Pressing this button brings up a menu in which you can choose what documents like Invoices should be opened together with the shipping label. We'll choose Invoice to open at the same time as shipping labels in this case.

Error Log:

The new Error Log column will remain empty in the best case scenario, but if your shipping automation fails for any reason it will log the error there.

I have just tried shipping our test order with Royal Mail and it failed.

Sometimes the messages can be too long to read, or you may run into multiple problems, in that case press on the red text bring a full view of the error history. After fixing the mistakes try shipping again.

Preparation status:

For an order to automatically ship there are several steps. which you will be able to track within the "Prep Status" column.

In-Queue: means that the order has been sent for processing.

Errored: you get when something fails and the order cannot be processed

Processing: you get when there are no errors and the labels are being prepared for print.

There is no success status, if everything has gone to plan, your order has now moved either to In-Progress status or straight away to Shipped.

If you have enabled the automatic print option mentioned above, after your labels are ready a pop-up like this will appear in the top right corner of your screen. Pressing print will open your shipping labels in one browser tab and each of your documents in their respective tabs.

if for any reason you didn't notice the print pop-up you can always find your labels in the Labels & Manifests area here.

The future of Shipping Automation in Multiorders:

Early form of the shipping automation tool has several limitations and not all carriers are supported straight away. We will be continuing our work until this works with all carriers and their custom options.


This is a new feature that is still in beta, if anything seems out of place or some glaring features are missing that weren't covered in the list at the start, please get in touch with us over the live chat or email.

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