Step 2: Merge Products

Learn how to sync your stock quantity so it always updates on all sales channels once an order is made on any of them

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What product merge is used for

If you are selling a product across multiple stores and want to keep your product quantity in sync so it always shows the same across all of your sales channels, our product merge tool will help you achieve that.

Once a product is merged and order for this product is placed in any of your stores, the stock quantity will automatically drop in all of your stores.

Manual or auto-merge - which one to choose?

There are two ways how you can merge your products:

  1. Auto product merge - if you have identical SKUs, supplier SKUs, barcodes, bin locations, or ASIN numbers for the same product across all of your stores

  2. Manual product merge - if you don’t have any matching product parameters mentioned above across all of your stores

Important things to know before merging products

  1. When you are merging products you have to choose the main sales channel to which you will merge products from other sales channels - child integrations (more on this in How to merge products automatically)

  2. As soon as the product merging will be completed, all of the merged products will have the same stock quantity - the stock of the child products will be overwritten with the stock quantity of the main product.


    Attention: This stock update will be sent to all of your sales channels immediately after the merging is completed.

  3. It's important to understand that after the merge the information (SKU, Supplier SKU, Supplier Name, Brand, Barcode, Bin Location, Reorder Point, Weight, Weight Unit, Buy Price, Country of Origin, ASIN, Handling Time, Restock Date, Lead Time, Awaiting, Product Description, Description for Customs, Variation, Details) from the main product will be copied over to a child product in Multiorders).

    For example, if your main product did not have a Supplier SKU which you used as a parameter to merge the child product to the main product, it will be removed from the child product after merging.

    This means that you will not be able to merge the products again using the Supplier SKU after unmerging.

    To avoid this, you should always update your products with the same information.

How to merge products automatically

  1. Go to Tools - Product Merge

  2. Choose your main sales channel to which the products will be merged. We recommend choosing the one which has the largest number of products.

  3. Select by which identical parameter you want your items to be merged - it can be SKU, Supplier SKU, Bin Location, Brand, or Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).

    NOTE: if you have uppercase letters in your main product value like SKU, make sure it's exactly the same in your child product, otherwise the items will not be merged together.

    We recommend having identical SKUs between sales channels, but if that is not possible, there are additional merge parameters like Barcode or Brand. While the fields can be different, their actual values must be identical.

    For example, if you have a product on Etsy with SKU "123456" and want to merge a product from Shopify using a barcode, the barcode for the Shopify product should also be "123456".

    Let’s choose SKU in this case:

  4. Now choose your child integration - any shop that is not your main will be the child one. Let’s also select the identical parameter by which we will be merging - SKU in this case:

  5. Click on the green Merge button.

That’s it! The merging process has started. Multioders is now looking at the SKU of all available Wix products and then is trying to find an identical SKU in the Etsy store products. If found the products will be merged together.

It might take up to 15-20 minutes for the merging to complete depending on how many products you have.

You can track the progress in Merge history and actions and once the status says Done it means the merging has finished:

NOTE: If you have multiple products with the same SKU in one of your child stores, those products will be merged together into one item in Multiorders.

If you wish to merge another child integration to the existing merge, go to the Current Merges tab and click on Merge underneath the existing child integration:

How to merge newly created products automatically

After you have completed your automatic product merge, it will merge all of your existing products across the sales channels and parameters you have chosen.

If you want new products that you will create from now on to be merged automatically according to the same criteria, mark the checkbox next to Find New Products.

For example, if you create a new product on Wix with SKU 123 and then create a new product on Etsy with the same SKU, they will be automatically merged in Multiorders.

NOTE: For your new products to be merged automatically, you must always create them in the main store first.

How to merge loose products between child integrations

In case you have products that you don’t sell on your main sales channel but you sell them on your both child integrations, you can merge them together.

How to merge products manually

  1. Choose which sales channel you will be merging your products to and keep using the same pattern when merging all of your products. Let’s choose Wix in this case.

  1. Go to Inventory and click on Simple to display the products that haven’t been merged yet:

  2. Open a product to which you want to merge the others and click on Merge:

  3. Search the products you want to merge to the item you just opened. You can select the criteria by which you want to search products - title, SKU, barcode, supplier SKU, brand, bin location or ASIN.

  4. Once you have found the product you need, click on the green plus sign to add it to the merge:

  5. You will now see the added item under Items to Merge. The stock quantity of the added item will be automatically overwritten to the quantity of the Selected Item to which we are merging it. To continue merging, click on Merge:

That’s it! Your items have been merged.

Where to find merged products?

After you have finished merging your items manually or automatically go to Inventory and click on the Merged tab to filter your merged items:

After merging only the main integration product Title, SKU & Pictures will be visible in the Inventory table.

How to unmerge products

If you want to unmerge multiple products that were merged automatically:

  1. Go to Tools - Product Merge

  2. Go to Current Merges and click Unmerge:

If you want to unmerge products manually:

  1. Go to Inventory and select the Merged tab to filter your merged items:

  2. Select products you want to unmerge by checkmarking them, click on Actions - Unmerge:

That’s it! Your items have been unmerged.

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