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How to create and manage product bundles
How to create and manage product bundles

Learn how to create product bundles/kits and keep track of your inventory

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Before you start!

Due to the nature of bundles and our merge tools. You must always merge all of the required products first and only then start bundling items. If you try to do it afterwards you will potentially run into problems preventing you from merging products. For example if a product is part of a bundle, it cannot be merged to anything, you can only merge items to it.

What is a product bundle and how it works

A product bundle is the combination of different items sold together as a one package deal. It's an excellent way to boost your sales and increase your average order value.

With Multiorders you can sell a package of items while still selling the items that make up the package individually - all while keeping track of inventory levels.

When a customer buys the bundle, inventory levels for each of the bundle components adjust automatically.

What's more, when any one of the items in the bundle is out of stock, the bundle also becomes out of stock.

How to create a product bundle

  1. The first step is to create a new product in your store and give it an appropriate name. Let's say we want to sell pants and cap as a package deal so we give our product a name "Outfit".

  2. Once the product is created in your store, it will be downloaded to Multiorders where you can start bundling it. Go to Inventory, find this product and click on its title to open it. Once opened, click on the Bundle button:

  3. A pop up will appear where you have to add products as components to your bundle. You can use the search bar to find your products by SKU or title and once found, click on the green plus sign to add them to a bundle:

  4. We've now added two products to our Outfit bundle - pants and cap. The available quantity of the bundle is automatically set according to the bundle component that has the lowest stock level. In this case our bundle component "Pants XXL Blue" has the lowest stock quantity of 58 which automatically becomes the available quantity of the whole bundle.

  5. You can also change the quantity of each bundle component to define how many units of this item goes into a bundle. You can adjust the quantity in the fields under the Count column:

    If we decide to change the Pants XXL Blue product count to 2, we can see that the available quantity of the bundle immediately changes from 58 to 29 since we can now sell two times fewer bundles as we now have two units of Pants in the bundle instead of one:

  6. Once you have added all components to the bundle and set their quantity count, click on the blue Bundle button down below:

That's it! Your bundle has been created. To find your bundled product, go to Inventory, click on the Bundled tab to filter your bundled items and you will see your product tagged with a letter B:

How to unbundle products

  1. Go to Inventory and click on the Bundled tab to access your bundled products.

  2. Checkmark the product you want to unbundle, click on Actions - Unbundle:

That's it! Your product has been unbundled.

If you want to unbundle just a single component, you have to open the bundled product first by clicking on its title.

Once it's opened, scroll down to Bundle / Kit Components section and click on the red minus sign to remove unwanted product from a bundle:

Bundled Item limitations

  • One bundle can have a maximum of 10 products, or in other words, components inside. If you try adding more than 10 components, you will get an error asking to remove the excessive number of components.

    Simply click on a red minus sign to remove the components from your bundle:

  • One product can be a part of 10 bundles maximum.

How to change the stock quantity of a bundled item

As mentioned in the paragraph How to Create Product Bundle step 4, bundled item stock quantity is automatically set according to the bundle component that has the lowest stock level:

To increase the stock quantity of a bundled item you will have to increase the quantity of a component inside the bundle.

  1. Go to Inventory and click on the Bundled tab to access your bundled products. Let's open our product bundle called "Outfit" by clicking on the product title:

  2. Once the bundled item is opened, scroll down to see the bundle components that are inside the bundle. We will increase the quantity of product "Pants XXL Blue" to increase the quantity of the whole bundle. Click on the product name to open the product:

  3. A new tab will open up where you can increase the product quantity in the Total tab:

  4. Let's increase it from 58 to 65:

  5. Now let's come back to the bundled item page and refresh it for the stock changes to reflect. You can now see that after increasing the stock quantity of Pants to 65, the whole bundle quantity increased to 65 as well:

How to avoid overselling when selling bundled products

Let's say you have a product that is a part of 3 different product bundles that you are selling.

If the stock quantity of this product becomes 1, the stock quantity of each bundle that the item is a part of also becomes 1. So we have 3 bundles that each have stock quantity as 1.

If a buyer places an order for 2 separate bundles out of the 3, the stock quantity of the item and the bundles it belongs to reduces from 1 to -1, but only when the order gets imported to Multiorders.

To avoid this from happening, always maintain the minimum stock level of the product equal to the number of bundles it is a part of.

Coming back to the previous example, where our product is a part of 3 bundles, we should always keep its stock level not lower than 3 in case an order is made to purchase all 3 bundles at once.

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