1. Go to Integrations and click on eBay integration under Add New Integration:

  2. A popup will open up where you have to select whether you want to manage orders or orders and inventory:

  3. Add a name to your integration to be displayed in Multiorders:

  4. If you have Multiple Warehouses enabled before integrating Ebay, you will see a dropdown option to select your default warehouse to which the stock will be uploaded.

    By putting a checkmark next to the Individual Warehouse stock you can choose the stock quantity of only your default warehouse to be displayed in your sales channels instead of the total quantity of the stock from all of your warehouses:

  5. Enter IOSS number if you have one and click Connect:

  6. A pop-up will appear asking you to log in to your eBay account:

  7. After you log in, click on Agree:

  8. You will now be re-directed back to Multiorders. When you go to Integrations, you will find eBay store under the Connected Integrations:

In the Status field inside the added Integration window, you should now see the status Import in progress. It might take up to 15-20 minutes to import your products depending on how many of them you have in your store.

When the status changes to Live, that's it - integration has been connected successfully and products have finished importing.

eBay order import time to Multiorders

After placing the order on eBay it takes 10-15 minutes for it to appear in Multiorders.

eBay product info update time

After changing product details on eBay such as SKU or product title it will take 48 hours for the updates to appear in Multiorders.

To expedite this process, go to Integrations, find eBay among your connected integrations and click on two green arrows to schedule a full inventory import.

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