How to connect Royal Mail Click & Drop

Learn how to integrate Royal Mail C&D to Multiorders with a step-by-step guide

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  1. Go to Royal Mail Click & Drop site, click on Settings on the top right, and click on Integrations:

  2. Click on Add new integration:

  3. Click on the Click & Drop API:

  4. Name your API integration the way you prefer and click on Save:

  5. Your integration has been added. Click on it to view the details:

  6. Copy the Click & Drop API key:

  7. Go to Multiorders, open the Integrations page, and under Add new integration click on Royal Mail Click & Drop:

  8. The integration form will open up where you have to paste in your API key which you copied from the Royal Mail Click & Drop page and select services you will be using.

    NOTE: C&D and business OBA accounts use different shipping services -choose them according to the type of account you have:

  9. Click on Connect.

That's it - your integration has been connected and you can start shipping orders. Follow this article to get started: How to ship orders with Royal Mail Click & Drop

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