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How to ship orders with Royal Mail Click & Drop
How to ship orders with Royal Mail Click & Drop

Learn how shipping process works with Royal Mail C&D

Updated over a week ago

NOTE: Before you start shipping orders with Royal Mail Click & Drop, please make sure the In-Progress tab is enabled on your Multiorders account.

  1. Go to the Orders page and click on Ship Order

  2. A popup will open where you have to select carrier as Click & Drop

  3. On the next step, fill in package weight, size, select service, and once done, click on Create Order:

  4. After clicking Create Order it goes to Click & Drops order page where you have to complete the shipment - pay for it, get the shipping label and tracking number.

  5. Once the shipment is completed in Click & Drop, come back to Multiorders, go to Labels & Manifests page, and on the top of the page click on the Update button next to Update Royal Mail C&D tracking numbers:

  6. Now go to the Orders page, click on the In-Progress tab, find your order and click on the Dispatch button. This action completes your shipment by sending order status and tracking information to your sales channels:

    If you want to confirm your tracking codes before dispatching them you can turn on additional carrier & tracking code columns in your order table. Please follow the guide here on how to do that.

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