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Step 1: Connecting your Main Store

Wix site connection as a Main Store

Updated over a week ago

After installing the Multiorders Marketplace Sync app, your Wix site will automatically connect as a Main Store. We will then automatically download all your Wix products. You will be able to find them under the Product Catalog:


  • Products without SKUs will be downloaded, but you won’t be able to work with them until you fill in the missing SKUs within your Wix inventory page.

  • Products with duplicate SKUs won’t be downloaded.

  • The ability to change or add SKUs for your products within our application is not supported. This must be conducted exclusively through the Wix Store Products page.

What's next?

The second step is to connect your secondary sales channels. Please read more information about this in the following article: Step 2: Connecting Secondary Sales Channels.

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