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Step 2: Connecting Secondary Sales Channels
Step 2: Connecting Secondary Sales Channels

Select the channel you want to integrate - eBay, Etsy, or both!

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The next step is to establish connections with secondary sales channels. Presently, we support Etsy and eBay. Amazon with Walmart integrations will be added soon.


  • If you are new to marketplaces, you must first create a seller account on a marketplace like Etsy or eBay. Here are links for Etsy and eBay accordingly:
    Open your Etsy shop
    Start selling on eBay

  • If you already sell on a marketplace like Etsy or eBay - as soon as you connect your secondary sales channel, we will download your existing products and automatically link them by SKU with your Wix store products.

Connecting secondary sales channel(s)

While on the Dashboard page, click the "Connect" button:

This action will redirect you to the Integrations page, where you can choose from a list of our supported secondary sales channels:


  • Clicking the 'Connect marketplace' button opens a new in Pop-Up to log in to that marketplace. Ensure your browser permits Pop-Ups while on the Wix website. Here's an article that might help configure your web browser: Configuring your web browser to allow pop-up windows.

Extremely important:

  • If you sell the same products both on Wix and Etsy / eBay, they have to have the same SKUs. Otherwise, our system will not be able to identify that these products are identical and link them.

  • For products that have no equivalent SKU on Wix, they will be displayed in the Product Catalog -> Unlinked products tab, however, you won't be able to take any action until a Wix equivalent SKU is created through the Wix Store Products page. Here's an example of Unlinked products:

Here you can see what linked products look like. They are automatically linked because they have identical SKUs on Wix and both Etsy and eBay:

What's next?

The third step is to get to know the Product Catalog. Please read more information about this in the following article: Step 3: Link Products in the Product Catalog.

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