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How to Ship Orders using CSV Order Import

Learn how to use CSV order import to ship orders with 3rd party carrier and update orders with shipping details in Multiorders

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If you are using a carrier that does not integrate with Multiorders but you still need to ship orders gathered in Multiorders from all of your sales channels, you can use CSV order import and export functionality.

Basis Steps

Please be aware: Depending on your carrier, you may need to create a custom .csv export and import template first, to do that follow this guide.

  1. Firstly, export orders you want to ship following the process here

  2. Import the downloaded order CSV file to your carrier system to ship orders

  3. Export shipped orders with shipping details from your carrier system in a CSV file

  4. Import the shipped orders to Multiorders following the process here. Make sure you use the Update import type.

Before you begin shipping orders via .csv Import

Mandatory Fields

Please be aware that without these fields the update will not work. You do not need to have an order status column. If an order is being updated with carrier and tracking number information it will be marked as shipped.

Order Status:

To mark the order as shipped its status must contain the text "Dispatched". While certain sales channels like WooCommerce will ship orders with only Carrier and Tracking info provided, Shopify needs you to specify the order status, because we recommend using this field as a default for all sales channels.

Order Number:

The system uses this to identify which order to update. If there are duplicate order numbers the system will not know which to update and will throw an error.

Shipping Carrier:

Assigns a carrier name for the order. Must only be used when creating Shipped orders or when updating a New or In-Progress order to Shipped. Providing this information ships the order on the multiorders system.

Recommended Fields

Tracking Code:

The tracking code for the said carrier (make sure it is not a tracking link but an actual number). We recommend you add this during the update as once the order is marked as shipped you can no longer update it's tracking details.

After the shipped orders CSV is uploaded back to Multiorders, the tracking number will update and order status will be changed to Shipped in Multiorders and in your connected sales channels as well.

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