If you are using a carrier that does not integrate with Multiorders but you still need to ship orders gathered in Multiorders from all of your sales channels, you can use CSV order import and export functionality.

  1. Firstly, export orders you want to ship following the process here

  2. Import the downloaded order CSV file to your carrier system to ship orders

  3. Export shipped orders with shipping details from your carrier system in a CSV file

  4. Import the shipped orders to Multiorders following the process here. Make sure you use the Update import type.

Before you import shipped orders to Multiorders, make sure the key CSV file shipping fields are updated:

Shipping Date - this is the date when the order has been shipped. If you want you can leave this field blank and the system will use the date of the upload as the shipping date.

Shipping Carrier - the name of the carrier that was used to ship the items.

Tracking Code - the tracking code for the said carrier (make sure it is not a tracking link but an actual number)

Order Status - for an order to be marked as shipped in Multiorders you must change the current status in the sheet to dispatched.

After the shipped orders CSV is uploaded back to Multiorders, the tracking number will update and order status will be changed to Shipped in Multiorders and in your connected sales channels as well.

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