Go to the Orders page. Look at the Icons column. In there you will find 3 unique icons.

They are Assign a Note (the speech bubble icon), Assign a Team Member (the face icon), and View Shipments (the truck icon). For this tutorial, we are going to be looking at Assign a Team Member icon.

If you just started using Multiorders then clicking on the face icon most likely brings out one user for selection. This means that you need to add additional users first. (if you did this already you can skip the next two steps).

Go to the Settings -> Users

In the new window press the green Person+ icon to the right side. This will bring up a pop-up that will ask you for the user's Name and Email and to define their Role. The role defines the amount of access they have to Multiorders. The Admin has full access, the Manager can only see Order, Inventory, and Customer information, Orders Manager only has access to Orders and Inventory Manager only has access to Inventory.

Once you have filled out the information, press Save. The freshly added user will receive an email invitation to set up their password.

Now going back to the Orders page and pressing on the Assign a Team Member icon will bring up that user.

The drop-down menu that opens after you press Assign a Team Member will display all added Users, including the Owner. Once you press on the user's name it will assign that order to them and send an email notification to the email account you provided during the users' creation.

You can change the assigned user at any point or remove one completely (only one user can be assigned to the order at any time).

Please Note:

Adding or removing a team member is also possible from inside the order itself.

Once you press on the desired order, inside the new window you will see 3 columns of information. Look at the 3rd most right one and scroll to the bottom skipping all of the customer information. At the very bottom, you will find an Assign a Team Member with a drop-down where you can choose to assign this order to any of the available Users.

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