Please be aware:

The product is currently in active production and is limited to these types of automations:

  1. Shipping automation

  2. Automatic Tagging

  3. Automatic User assignment

Multiorders Automation:

The purpose of this tool is to help automate the most mundane tasks that could be easily completed by a set of basic rules. This will ultimately save time for you to spend on more important tasks throughout the day.

Detailed list of available automation functions:


A list of reasons for the rule to take effect.

  • Order Created: New Order Created


A set of qualifiers by which the system checks the order or item selected by the Trigger.

  • Payment Status: Paid / Unpaid

  • Price: Is not / less than / equal to / higher than

  • Shipping Country: is / is not

  • Shipping City: is / is not

  • Shipping State: is / is not

  • Store: is / is not


A set of actions that will be taken if the selected item fails or passes the rules check:

  • Prepare: Automated shipping services selection based on your rules (full guide here)

  • Tag: Add Tag

  • User: Assign Team Member

How to use Automation in Multiorders:

To begin setting up your automation rules go to Tools -> Automation

Once there you will be able to begin adding new automation rules, press "Create Automation" to add a new rule.

In the new window you will be asked to give a name and description to your rule. When you're done press on "Click Here" button within the Starts When* node.

This will open an additional menu on the right.

The Starts When* node is the trigger for the automation process. Choose from one of the options available. For this guide we will choose "Order Create: New Order created". This option means that this specific automation will trigger when a New order appears inside multiorders, it will not trigger on orders with any other status like Shipped or Canceled.

Now you are ready to add logic to your rules. Press on the green + to begin.

Press the If* node to choose your first set of rules. Just like last time simply click on the button and it will bring up a list of available rules.

In this situation we chose the rule "If Price is less than: 100". Please be aware that you can only choose one option per node. This applies to all nodes.

We will soon cover Action nodes, but before we start I just want to mention that you can add multiple rules. So just like before you can press on the green + to add another If* node. For this example I added an additional further rule to check if the order has been paid for.

We can now move to Action nodes. These are the Yes* & No nodes that you can see at the very bottom and to the right side. In here you choose what happens when the order passes or fails to pass the rules you selected. If you choose nothing for the No nodes, then nothing will happen. The Yes* node is mandatory.

Both Yes* & No nodes have the same set of options. In this case for the first two No nodes I will be adding a tag and if the rule check is successful this order will be assigned to a specific team member.

Just to recap on what this set-up will do:

  1. As soon as a New order appears it will trigger this rule.

  2. It will first check if the orders total is less than 100. If it is more it will add Tag A.

  3. If it passes the earlier check, it will then run a second rule to confirm that the order is paid. If not it will be given a different Tag.

  4. If it passes the second rule, it will be assigned to a particular team member, with no tags added.

When you have finished your set-up, press Done. You will now be able to see your newly created rule back at the main page.

You can now create another, edit an existing rule, or check on how often it was used by pressing on the Run Times link.

The future of Automation in Multiorders:

There are a lot more features that we want to add to this new automation system. We release this early prototype to gather feedback on it's use of ease, as well as to gather information on what you want to see added next.

One of one the most important updates to this system will be automatic shipping. Based on the select rules you will be able to create shipping pre-sets. With these you shouldn't need to select any manual shipping options again. Of course there will always be unique outliers that the automation will not be able to handle.


This is a new feature that is still in beta, if anything seems out of place or some glaring features are missing that weren't covered in the list at the start, please get in touch with us over the live chat or email.

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