How to update inventory via CSV

Learn how you can update products and bulk update them using a csv spreadsheet

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Please Note

If you are just looking on how to export and import simple inventory data, please take a look at a guide here. If you're looking for custom inventory import/export templates, please take a look here. The following guide is related only to the nuances and limitations when updating Inventory.

Mandatory Fields and Feature Limitations

In order to be able to update any product, it must contain these columns. If you are looking for a full list of available .csv inventory fields, please check here.

Product SKU

This is used as one of the identifiers when finding products on the system. At the moment products without an SKU will not update via .csv Import.

Multiorders Id

This is a unique ID given to a product once it has been imported into the system. You will can get this data when exporting inventory from Multiorders.

How to update inventory items in bulk via CSV

  1. Before updating your inventory, you need to first export your inventory items to a CSV file. Follow this guide for exporting inventory items.

  2. Once you have downloaded your CSV file, open it up and update the required information on it.

    NOTE: Product Name, SKU, Images, Marketplace Id, and Multiorders Id can not

    be updated.

    If you will be updating the price for a merged item, please be aware that we cannot update individual merge components and a single price will be applied for all merged products. There are no alternatives at the moment.

  3. Once you have finished updating, go to Inventory and click on the Import button:

  4. In the pop-up that will open select Import type as Update and you can choose which fields you want to have updated.

    If you want to update all the fields including price and quantity, check both boxes next to Update Price and Update Quantity.

    If you want to update everything, except price and quantity, leave the checkboxes next to Update Price and Update Quantity unmarked:

  5. Select your import template, or create a custom one.

  6. Click on Choose Sheet where you need to upload the inventory sheet that you just updated.

  7. Click on Begin Import

That's it! Your inventory started updating. To check the progress, go to the Reports tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see your import there.

If it says Done - import has finished.

Check if there are no failed items to make sure the inventory import was successful. If you see that a number of items failed to import, click on the number to find out the reason:

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