Managing Amazon FBA orders and inventory

Learn about importing and managing FBA orders and inventory in Multiorders

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What is Amazon FBA and how it works?

Fulfillment By Amazon or in short FBA allows you to outsource storage, packaging, and shipping to Amazon. You need to ship your products to Amazon warehouse and they are stored there until an order is placed by a customer.

Once an order is placed, Amazon takes care of the transaction and updates your inventory. The order is packed and shipped by Amazon as well.

You can import your Amazon FBA inventory and orders to Multiorders to keep track of both.

How to import FBA inventory and orders to Multiorders

When you first connect your Amazon account to Multiorders, you will be given the option to import your FBA inventory and orders as well.

If you will go to Integrations and click on Amazon, you will get a popup where you can choose what kind of orders you prefer to manage - all Amazon orders including FBA, only MFN orders, or FBA orders only:

On the next step, you can also choose whether or not you want your Amazon FBA inventory imported as well:

Once you fill in all the required details, click Connect and allow your inventory and orders to import.

Once finished importing, you can find your FBA orders under Amazon FBA tab in your Orders menu. You can't edit any FBA order details thus this will act as a simple catalog to view your orders.

Amazon FBA orders and inventory limitations

  • If you choose to import your FBA orders, one FBA order will count as a 0,5 order to your pricing plan. For example, you get 100 Amazon MFN orders that you fulfill by yourself and 200 FBA orders per month. The FBA order will count as 100 normal orders and your monthly order quantity will be counted as 200 orders in total.

  • You can't change FBA stock quantity via Multiorders since the stock is managed by Amazon directly.

  • You can't merge FBA products with other FBA products to sync their stock across all sales channels since you are not the one who controls the product quantity - it's only Amazon

  • If you merge an FBA product with a non-FBA product, the FBA product must always be chosen as the main. Only the FBA product can dictate the stock quantity to other non-FBA items that are merged to it, not the other way around since FBA product quantity can't be changed via Multiorders. Learn more about product merging here.

  • If you create a product bundle, the FBA product can be one of the components inside the product bundle but it cannot be the main item to which other bundle components could be merged.

    If an FBA item is the main product in a bundle, it means its quantity will change according to the quantity of the bundle component - this can't happen because the quantity of the FBA item cannot be changed via Multiorders.

    Read more about product bundling here.


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